Addictive Behaviours

One of the key ways to combat addictive behaviours is identifying the external factors that might be helping to facilitate or encourage the addiction. This is the starting point for any addictive behaviour counselling be that an addiction to alcohol, drugs or anything else

Addiction and substance abuse can be ways to avoid facing the painful aspects of life, whether fears about oneself, past wounds, or present difficulties. When an individual is addicted to something, not having it leads to having withdrawal symptoms. This unpleasant feeling makes it difficult to keep away from what you desire, leading the addiction to become more severe.

Guidance and Support

Addictions can emerge in so many forms, from chocolate to gambling, from drugs to Internet porn. Developing a support network that can help one another is often a significant way of moving on to love life better and in a more meaningful way.

Symptoms of Addiction:

  • Repeating something, regardless of how it interferes with your life.
  • Losing interested in everything else.
  • Being continuously violent, angry, moody, or depressed.
  • Continued use, despite health problems.
  • Building up a tolerance.
  • Negative impact on relationships with others.
  • Using in a dangerous or problematic situation.
  • Seeing negative effects in eating habits, sleeping habits, and weight.
  • Feelings of sickness or shakiness when trying to quit your addiction

“I was recommended to Ian after my treatment in a well known rehabilitation clinic. He helped me continue on my journey to recovery” …. Dennis 43.

“ My husband changed for the better after meeting with Ian for a time over his need for internet porn. I am so grateful.” ….. Susan 36.

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